Augustinian Volunteers Australia acts at the margins of society, standing with those in need, to help bring about global human development. Our volunteers build towards a more inclusive and caring civil society, partnering with communities to address the needs of young people and their families.


The Augustinians in Australia commenced in 1838 under Irish priest, James Alypius Goold OSA, later Catholic Archbishop of Melbourne. They now operate a number of parishes and schools around Australia and are part of an international religious order. The rule of Augustine is quite possibly the oldest monastic rule in the Western Church, dating from the third century. 

Founded by The Augustinians in 2008, Augustinian Volunteers Australia trains and places volunteers from all walks of life to work collaboratively with communities in need.

We seek to model best practice of community development by partnering with local organisations and attempting real, long term change on the ground. 


How We Work

  • Volunteers are required to undertake a two week tertiary level formation at the commencement of their year as an Augustinian Volunteer. 

  • They are required to volunteer at least one day a week for twelve months. Many do more.

  • Although they come with their own expertise, our volunteers focus on building relationship and bridges between cultures and communities.

  • Our volunteers are supervised and supported through regular meetings with staff 

  • Expected outcomes of this approach include:

    • Empowerment of communities

    • Participation of young people in education and employment

    • Strengthening of identity and self-worth

  • Augustinian Volunteers is an enterprise of the Augustinian Justice and Peace Office   


Training Course
Our volunteers undergo a tertiary level course to ensure they are ready to serve.

Working with Aboriginal, refugee and other communities in need.


Our experienced staff support volunteers every step of the way.

Augustinian Volunteers Trust Fund

Augustinian Volunteers Trust Fund manages the finances of Augustinian Volunteers Australia.

The Trust Fund has DGR status and is engaged in continuing outreach to government and corporate sector to ensure best possible outcomes for Augustinian Volunteers' programs. 

Fr Dave Austin OSA
Trustee and Prior Provincial,
The Augustinians in Australia


Mr Paul McMahon 

Mr Justin DeLorenzo 
Chief Financial Officer,
Sydney Desalination Plant

Mrs Kate Shaw 
St Augustine's Board

Fr Brian Fitzgerald OSA


Paul Wilson
Justice & Peace Office

Fr Peter Jones OSA