Celebrating NAIDOC Week at Clarke Island

Augustinian Volunteers Australia's partner in Sydney, Tribal Warrior, celebrated NAIDOC by holding cultural cruises on Sydney Harbour, utilising the skills young people learnt in our Sydney Language Restoration Program.

Children ranging from 9 to 12 years of age welcomed the visitors to country in the local Aboriginal language of 'Biyal Biyal', taught in the Sydney Language Restoration Program.  Speaking in front of 150 visitors was an impressive feat, showing the effect of the Sydney Language Restoration Program in boosting the children's cultural identity and self-esteem.

Learning the Sydney Language

Augustinian Volunteers are building on years of learning the Sydney Language with mentors and young people from Tribal Warrior to introduce it to the wider Indigenous community of Redfern. Eventually it is hoped to open the program to the wider Sydney community through workshops and walking tours.

'Lingo from the block', an Augustinian Volunteers Australia and Tribal Warrior - Redfern joint program, teaches young Aboriginal people the culture of the original local Wangal clan through the work of linguist Jeremy Steele and historian Keith Vincent Smith.

Running every Wednesday and Friday, the program is part of Tribal Warrior's cultural initiative, increasing Aboriginal young people's knowledge of culture as well as improving literacy skills and self esteem. Uncle Shane Philips says the program 'Breathes life back into culture.' 

Be part this amazing program by supporting Augustinian Volunteers Australia here.

Sydney Harbour Walkabout

Four young Aboriginal leaders led a group of 70 people around Sydney Harbour, telling stories of culture from before and after the arrival of Europeans. 

It was a fantastic day, where people from all walks of life came together to celebrate the Aboriginal culture and history of Sydney Harbour. It was also a time to step up for the four young leaders Kareel, Jamaal, Jarrah and Freddo who grabbed the opportunity with both hands and spoke wonderfully, doing their families and friends proud. All of the leaders had been taking part in the Lingo From The Block programme, facilitated by Augustinian Volunteers and Tribal Warrior. 

This is an annual event and we look forward to the next Sydney Harbour Walkabout!

Young people stand up at the Opera House

Three young people from Augustinian Volunteers and Tribal Warrior's Lingo from the Block project - Shyla, CJ and Malachi - gave a Welcome to Country in the original language of the Wangal people of Sydney at Sydney Opera House. 

Showing tremendous courage and pride, these three young people took what they have learnt in classes facilitated by Augustinian Volunteers and Tribal Warrior and put it into practice. Congratulations!