How We Work

  • Volunteers are required to undertake a two week tertiary level formation at the commencement of their year as an Augustinian Volunteer. 

  • They are required to volunteer at least one day a week for twelve months. Many do more.

  • Although they come with their own expertise, our volunteers focus on building relationship and bridges between cultures and communities.

  • Our volunteers are supervised and supported through regular meetings with staff 

  • Expected outcomes of this approach include:

    • Empowerment of communities

    • Participation of young people in education and employment

    • Strengthening of identity and self-worth

  • Augustinian Volunteers is an enterprise of the Augustinian Justice and Peace Office   


Training Course
Our volunteers undergo a tertiary level course to ensure they are ready to serve.

Working with Aboriginal, refugee and other communities in need.


Our experienced staff support volunteers every step of the way.